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Original Tortilla Tasting Notes

Original Tortilla Tasting Notes

Written by Jenn - Culinary Professional, Food Blogger


Treat Yourself To Tasty Tortillas!

Fresh warm tortillas in seconds? Yes, please! Taco ‘bout instant gratification! There’s nothing like a warm tortilla straight from the pan. They’re as comforting as a heated blanket in wintertime. Granted, the flavor is exponentially better, but you get the drift! Taco Tuesdays will never be the same once you try Rise & Puff Tortillas!

Rise & Puff Tortillas uses simple ingredients to create delicious, thin, and flaky award-winning tortillas. They’re made with only four ingredients: artisan flour, pure avocado oil, filtered water, and sea salt. This artisan flour is the key to achieving the light flakey texture that makes these tortillas so tasty! There are no bleached flours, fillers, or inflammatory oils, and absolutely nothing artificial! These are the tortillas you’ve been waiting for! There’s nowhere to hide when you only use four simple ingredients and Rise & Puff Tortillas flaunt what they’ve got! Quality over quantity prevails with these heavenly tortillas!

When it comes to flavor, a tortilla should be mild, allowing the other flavors of the dish to shine through. Rise & Puff Tortillas embodies this unwritten tortilla rule. The subtle hints of their non-GMO artisanal flour, with a touch of extra fine sea salt, and pure avocado oil, combine to form a totally awesome tortilla you can’t get enough of. Not only are these tortillas delicious, but because of their ultra-clean ingredients, they’re also healthy and nutritious!

Rising To The Occasion!

Rise & Puff tortillas do just that, rise, and puff. When placed in a warm skillet, the flawlessly formulated ingredients not only puff up perfectly but also produce a tender yet sturdy wrap that holds up to just about any filling. No tearing or falling apart here! These tortillas have the most satisfying toothsome texture with the perfect chewy bite. These aren’t your average everyday preservative-laden grocery store tortillas. Rise & Puff Tortillas is changing the tortilla game!

Nothing beats homemade tortillas created with the best quality ingredients. Rise & Puff Tortillas are as close to wholesome homemade tortillas as you can get without making them yourself! The warm, nutty, and toasty aroma of perfectly puffed tortillas fills the house as soon as these beauties hit the pan. As they sizzle and toast to perfection in seconds, you can see them transform before your eyes! Nothing compares to flipping a warm tortilla over in the hot pan to reveal its slightly browned surface. Those small charred spots provide a pleasant contrast to the other areas of soft warm tortilla goodness.

Think Outside The Tortilla!

There’s more than one way to stuff a tortilla! Whether you use them for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and more, Rise & Puff Tortillas are an essential ingredient that can make so many dishes more satisfying. The sky’s the limit for what you can create with these award-winning healthy tortillas! From breakfast to lunch, to dinner, and any snacks in between, these tortillas have you covered. Cheesy egg burritos, Nutella and strawberry crepes, and tortilla soup only scratch the surface of all the fabulous ways you can use Rise & Puff Tortillas! Whether you take the sweet or savory route there’s no wrong way to wrap up your meal!



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