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Cheese-Forward Recipes

Cheesy quesadilla

Can’t get enough cheese in your life? There’s a wide world beyond quesadillas to explore. Here are some of our favorite ways to pair cheese with our tortillas. Simply add the ingredients to a fresh tortilla in a warm skillet, heat, and enjoy!


Goat Cheese + Pesto: Ultra creamy goat cheese is so potent, a little goes a long way. Add a few dollops before topping with plenty of fresh pesto to lift up the cheese with a bit of herbaceous brightness.


Brie + Fig Jam: Add a layer of your favorite fruity jam or honey to a tortilla, then top with a smear of brie and melt.


Jarlsberg + Swiss + Mustard: Sharp mustard adds an extra kick to melty Jarlsberg and Swiss.


Buffalo Mozzarella + Tomato + Balsamic: Like a warm melted Caprese, only in tortilla form. Finish with a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar like a true Italian. Bonus points if you add basil too.


Aged Cheddar Quesadilla: Use freshly shredded aged cheddar for an unexpectedly nutty flavor boost.


Feta + Olives + Sliced Tomato: Channel the Mediterranean with savory olives, fresh tomatoes, and lots of salty-creamy crumbled feta. Top with a generous amount of dill, parsley, or any other herbs you have on hand.


Queso + Salsa: Use jarred queso or fresh. Either way, it’ll be highly craveable.  



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